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Tea Matters

Shoumei White Tea(寿眉) - Loose Leaf Tea

Shoumei White Tea(寿眉) - Loose Leaf Tea

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Tea Matters™ Shoumei White Tea(寿眉)
When comes to white tea, the saying goes: ‘1 year tea, 3 years medicine, 7 years treasure’.

Tea Matters™ 2015 Shoumei (寿眉) is currently in transformation to ‘treasure’. Sourced from Jenny’s High School friend, Ms. Yang’s tea farm in Dayang Mountain, Panxi, Fuding, China. Dayang Mountain (Panxi village) is renowned as one of the best white tea regions in Fuding.

2015 aged Shoumei has a unique flavour of Jujube (like sweet apple), cedar and a rich mouthfeel. It really over delivers on quality and flavour for the price!

Appearance: Mixed dark green and light brown leaves & tips
Colour: Pale orange
Aroma: Jujube (like sweet apple), cedar, berries (goji) and wild flowers
Taste: Rich mouthfeel with Jujube (like sweet apple) and woody flavours and a hint of pepper.
Region/ Elevation: Dayang Mountain (800m), Panxi Village, Fuding, China
Harvest: April 2015 - Handpicked
Oxidation: tbc
Baking Level: 0



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