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Tea Matters

Oriental Beauty (东方美人) - Loose Leaf Tea

Oriental Beauty (东方美人) - Loose Leaf Tea

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Tea Matters™ Oriental Beauty is made from only freshly handpicked one-tip, two-leaf young leaves. The Tea green leafhoppers (Jacobiasca formosana) are allowed to feed on the fresh, tea leaves – their feeding changes the chemical composition of the leaves producing a very distinctive, unique flavour of natural honey with citrus fruit, woody and rose petal aromas.

Appearance: Dark brown, yellow, red twisted shoots with silver downy tips.
Colour: Beautiful golden amber colour
Aroma: Honey, citrus, maple wood, rose petals
Taste: Natural honey, muscatel, peachy & citrus sweet. Mellow and rounded. A really special tea.
Region/ Elevation: Sanxia, Taiwan
Harvest: Natural Farming, Handpicked 5th June 2021
Oxidation: 50%

Our favourite pick from Taiwan.  Sourced from Sanxia Gufang Organic Tea Farm. The history of this tea is similar to Botrytis wine!

It is known that when Queen Elizabeth II first experienced this tea she loved its beautiful tea leaves and unforgettable taste – it was thereafter named after her ‘Oriental Beauty Tea’.

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