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Gaba Oolong (佳叶乌龙) - Loose Leaf Tea

Gaba Oolong (佳叶乌龙) - Loose Leaf Tea

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Tea Matters™ Gaba Oolong is sourced from an organic, 6th generation, Taiwanese tea farm called Gu Fang which was founded in 1871. It is a tangy and fruity tea.

GABA stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid, an amino acid that occurs naturally in the human brain to help neurons communicate effectively, reduce stress and anxiety. GABA also occurs naturally in this special, tea plant. During the 1980s, Japanese researcher Dr. Tsushida Tojiro found that the naturally occurring levels of GABA could be increased in finished teas by processing them in anaerobic conditions. 

Modern proponents claim that the enhanced GABA content can have an extra calming effect, aiding stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders.

Appearance: Tightly rolled balls.
Colour: Light golden
Aroma: Dried fruits
Taste: Ripe, dry berries, tangy and woody. Sweet and mellow finish.
Region/ Elevation: Nantou, Taiwan
Harvest: Natural Farming, April 2022 - Mechanical
Oxidation: 50%
Baking Level: Light

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