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Four Seasons Oolong (四季春乌龙) - Loose Leaf Tea

Four Seasons Oolong (四季春乌龙) - Loose Leaf Tea

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Tea Matters™ Four Seasons Oolong has a fresh, vivid, spring-like aroma. It is a surprisingly expressive, aromatic tea with distinctive light notes of fresh flowers such as jasmine. It is very refreshing and fun to drink. Some people say it is very much like the historic, Chinese Tieguanyin.

Appearance: Small tightly rolled balls, green colour
Colour: Shines with a pale yellow-gold colour
Aroma: Floral and sweet
Taste: Full bodied with a fruity flavour, with floral notes lingering.
Region/ Elevation: Ming Jian, Nantou, Taiwan (Elevation 350-400m)
Harvest: Natural Farming, April 2022 - Mechanical
Oxidation: 10-15%
Baking Level: 0

Tea Matters™ Four Seasons Oolong is sourced from our Taiwanese Tea Farmer Mr Yu and processed by 4th generation Tea Baker, Wen Yu. 

‘Four Seasons’ tea is named after the character of the varietal from which it is made. This hearty tea bush was discovered in the district of Muzha near Taipei, Taiwan. Described as a ‘wild’ tea, it’s character is also wild and intense.

Farmer, Mr Yu observed some tea trees growing very quickly compared to other trees that were yet to produce buds. He decided to plant the bushes more systematically and was able to harvest them 7-8 times a year (even in the winter time when tea bushes are usually dormant).

The hearty varietal was given the name ’Four Seasons Oolong’ to match it’s vivacious character. In the last decade Tea Farmers are now growing this varietal - ’Si Ji Chun - more commonly for it’s flavour and abundance.’

Tea Matters™ Four Seasons Oolong is grown in the Songboling area of Ming Jian township in Nantou, Taiwan at an elevation of between 400 to 600m above sea level.  This area is one of the largest producers of tea in Taiwan, much originating from organic farms.

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